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Latex Schlauch

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Latex protection glasses

The perfect accessory for every fetish party! Black protection-glasses with individually adjustable head strap. Material: latex. Note: item was initially produced for military.

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Latex Gas Mask

Black gas mask with separate filter. The head strap is individually adjustable. Mask was initially produced for military use. It´s unworn but could be a bit sandy although. Note: the mask is not suitable for protection purposes. The sizes differ somewhat. Material: latex.

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Latex Maske rot

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Latex Maske schwarz/rauch

Feels different!
Black executioners mask without openings with a total length of 80cm.

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Latex Gas Mask

Danish/Canadian gas mask with filter and adjustable straps at the back of the head. This is a novelty mask only and is thus NOT intended for protective use.

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Latex Hood

The perfect accessory for connoisseurs! Simple white hood to cover the entire head. With moulded nose with breathing perforations and distinct eye and mouth holes.

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