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Leather Harness

Head harness with padded mouth area, attached gag (ø 4 cm) and dildo (length 14 cm, ø 3.5 cm). Adjustable strap. Black, Material: split leather, silicone, polyurethane, metal.

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Pony Harness

Keeps Pleasure at Gallop Level!
Black studded pony head harness with ears, bridle and reins. Plastic-covered bit. Adjustable straps. Black. Material: leather, metal (chromed), PVC.

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Leather head mask

Something special!
Combined, versatile adjustable head and neck restraint with detachable leash and inflatable latex gag in the shape of a penis. Neck restraint 38 cm wide, leash approx. 59 cm long. Black leather.

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Leather Ball Gag S-L

Dangerously erotic!
This leather gag with silicon ball (Ø 4.5 cm) and adjustable closure guarantees enthralling games. Material: red velours on the outside, black artificial leather on the inside.

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Head Harness w dildo

Keep quiet and get going.
Black and adjustable leather harness with fixed red plastic gag on the inside (Ø 3.5 cm) and an outside latex dildo (13 cm, Ø 3.5 cm).

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Rubber Ball Gag

Reden ist Silber - Schweigen ist Schwarz!
Echt-Leder-Knebel mit festem Latex-Beiß-Ball (Durchmesser: 5 cm). Kopfriemen mehrfach für SIE und IHN verstellbar.

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Gag with dong

For silent thrusts!
Adjustable black genuine leather belt with inner gag and outer latex penis.
Penis: 13 cm, gag: 6 cm, both Ø 3.5 cm.

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Head harness & gag

Looks good, keeps quiet!
Black leather harness with adjustable straps and a plastic ball gag.

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