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Billy Boy Fun 24 pieces

Colourful condom mix!
Mixed set of condoms: green, blue, black, red and orange. 3 pieces of each sort. Plus 3 transparent, especially wet condoms, 3 red ones with strawberry flavour and 3 transparent ones with pearly nubby. 24 pieces.

Label: Billy Boy

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Billy Boy Fun 12 pcs

Colourful condom mixture: red, green, black transparent condoms, 3 of each sort. Plus 3 condoms with pearly nubs.

Label: Billy Boy

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Secura Nougatti 50 pcs.

The sight of it will make you crazy! 50 black condoms with exciting chocolate flavour. Not edible, suitable only for intercourse.
With lubrication and reservoir tip

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Secura Colour Pack of 24

Bring colour into your sexlife!
Coloured condoms with new stimulating aroma for more variety...
Green with peppermint-aroma, red with strawberry-aroma, black with choco-aroma.

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Secura fruit mix 24 pcs.

A colourful, fruity condom assortment! Coloured condoms with stimulating fruit flavours: Blue (tutti-frutti), red (strawberry) and yellow (banana).
24 pieces.

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Secura Nougatti

50 black chocolate flavoured condoms with lubrication and reservoir tip.

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