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Ritex Intensive 8 pcs.

For pleasurable safer sex!
8 rose-coloured condoms with three advantages: 1. Volume zone: more space where it is needed. For a natural feeling. 2. Safety zone: perfect fit against easy slip off 3. Roll zone: For easy unrolling. Dermatologically tested. With lubricant-wet coating. Made in Germany.

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Secura Heavy Rubber extra dick

24 condoms for your intimate reserve!
Quality-condoms - extremely tearproof - ideal for powerful sex-games!
With lubrication and reservoir tip.

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`London` extra strong 100piece

For the big one!
Contains 3 condoms that are slightly thicker and extra lubricated to provide the ultimate reassurance.

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Secura Dark Desire 24pcs.

24 black, cylindrically shaped and knobbed condoms with lubricant and reservoir tip. Made from natural rubber-latex.

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Blausiegel HT spezial 100er

Strong condoms for large-scale passion!
Transparent high-quality condoms with a special feature: extra thick (0.1 mm). With lubrication and reservoir tip.
Will keep for at least four years if stored appropiately!

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