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Double Titty

Stack in pairs?
? that is desirable in this memory game for boob experts! Find matching boob pairs in the shuffled cards that are face down in rows. If they don´t match, turn the cards over again. Whoever has the most pairs is the expert and the winner! Card game for 2-8 people. 48 cards.

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Ich bin geil, pass auf! Spiel

The quick and horny game!
For 3 - 6 players. Content: 6 wooden cocks, 1 cup, 6 red chips, 6 green chips, 1 color-dice, 80 cards. Playing instruction in German on the box.

Packing unit per carton: 6
Product-Height: 70 mm
Product-Width: 140 mm
Product-Length: 200 mm
Menge: 1 Stück

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50 Days of Play

Öffne den Umschlag und lass dich erotisch überraschen?!
50 Umschläge in fünf verschiedenen Farben mit ganz unterschiedlichen erotischen Vorschägen für mehr Lust zu zweit! Jede Farbe bedeutet einen gewissen "Härtegrad" beim Vorspiel oder beim Sex: soft (küssen, streicheln) bis hart (lecken, schlagen etc.) Lassen Sie sich mit Ihrem Partner überraschen, welche scharfe Aufgabe auf Sie wartet? Deutschsprachig.

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Mann, sag die Wahrheit!

Gay card game with sexual task and questions. German.

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The Love Journey

"The Love Journey" (by Tat Ying) is a sexual party board game for 2-4 players. It contains: 1 board (heart-shaped), 1 small whip, 1 (pip) dice, 2 action/body parts dice, 2 shot glasses, 4 counters, 21 sex position cards. Game language: German.

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Stripping Roulette

Gambling, drinking, stripping. This thrilling roulette game creates a relaxed and super-fun playing atmosphere. 6 players max. Content: roulette board (Ø 14 cm), 6 2cl shot glasses, playing instructions.

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Game "Fuck"

Sex Fun Game
1 board
4 tokens (2 cocks, 2 boobs)
1 wheel of fortune
Turn the wheel and it displays your next move. Perform the action that is displayed on the field (blowjob, massage, masturbation etc.).
For 2-4 players. Language on the board: English. Playing instructions with following languages: DE,IT,FR,DA,EN.

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Kinky Heart

Kinky love letters in a box with 100 erotic and slightly painful sexual love jobs. German and Italian (one language on each side of the sheet).

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