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Luxury Fantasy Package

For lust and luxury!
An excellent selection of different erotic items in a deluxe pack! So that you can entice, love and exchange tenderness unhindered! Compilation subject to slight changes.

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Bondage Kit Extreme

Tight grip and soft pain!
This black bondage set spices up your love life in a very stimulating way. Employ the hand and ankle cuffs, the eye mask, the string and the whip to experience completely new love adventures! With polyurethane-coating.

Label: Bad Kitty

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Grab bag for couples

Versüßen Sie sich mit Ihrem Schatz erotisch den Abend oder die ganze Nacht!
Vom Dessous über geile Lektüre bis zum Toy, der Inhalt dieser Tüte will von Ihnen entdeckt werden... Lassen Sie sich gemeinsam überraschen! Leichte Artikelabweichungen vorbehalten.

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Penis XXL-Set

»Penis XXl Creme« and »Magic-Penisring« in a set:
Enjoy ultimate long-lasting sex-pleasure...
Penisring made of blue-jelly-material with soft stimulating-knobs (Ø flexible).

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Game of Love Package

A package full of erotic articles for little money.
The dice defines how to play with the following items and what to do with each others. Content:
1 pair of dices
1 high quality erotic massage oil
1 coloured photo magazine with new positions
2 sexy slips, one for HIM, one for HER (100% polyamide)
1 penis XXL cream
1 power vibrator, including batteries
1 instruction leaflet.

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