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Delay Spray 50 ml

Especially for HIM! You want to spice up your love life? This skin-caring spray has a cooling effect and can delay the orgasm. Content 50 ml.

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Spain Fly Cream 30 ml

Especially for HIM! Stimulating and skin-caring cream with stimulating ingredients for enhanced blood circulation and sexual activity. Content 30 ml.

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delay cream 30 ml

Especially for HIM! This cooling cream can help to avoid premature ejaculation. Content: 30 ml.

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Tightening Spray 50 ml

Intimate spray for HER with tightening effect and skin-care ingredients for vaginal lubrication. 50 ml.

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Soft Tampons Professional 50er

A secure feeling during the critical days!
These stringless rounded tampons are made to provide hygienic protection for sexual intercourse during menstruation - and HE will not feel them at all! Easy to wear. Perfect for use in saunas and swimming pools. Rose-coloured. Clinically skin-tested. 50 pcs.

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Pjur After Shave 100ml

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Divine Oral Pleasure

Gloss up your lips with this fantastic hot/cold effect love gloss and enjoy what it makes to your lover as you have him deep throat! 10 ml.

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Lubr Apronal 15 ml

Opens the way for anal pleasures! Quick-acting anal spray based on natural ingredients to relax the anal muscles and ease the penetration. No anaesthesia, the sensation stays intact. Use: apply directly to your anal muscle. Dermatologically tested. Safe to use with latex condoms.
15 ml bottle.

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